Changes to access for the caves around Stump Cross


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Mongo Gill Formations (Ian Patrick).JPG

Access changes for Stump Cross area... Short summary:

The CNCC has decided to discontinue the former access agreement for the caves around Stump Cross area, including Mongo Gill and Great Expectations. This is because the terms and language of the agreement have not been updated for many years and are no longer a good fit with our current approaches to cave access. We hope to discuss a new agreement with the owners at Stump Cross Caverns over the coming months, but until then, all visits to the caves around Stump Cross will need to seek permission directly from the show cave owners.

For the longer (and rather more detailed) story please read the following:

Photo: Formations in Mongo Gill Hole, courtesy of Ian Patrick


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Our Access Officer, Chair and members of the Craven Pothole Club have arranged a meeting on 2nd May at Stump Cross Caverns.

We agree that the owners and staff at Stump Cross have always been really caver-friendly so we are very hopeful that a modern and simple arrangement that works for cavers, and addresses the owner's concerns, can be reached. We'll keep everyone informed.

Sadly, we can't do anything about the rain :cry:


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We had a trip down Mongo Gill yesterday, and received nowt but positive vibes from the Show Cave staff. We were asked to change away from the Show Cave, which is fair enough.

Why is it always raining on Greenhow Hill?

I should probably have made the point that we had been in email correspondence with the management of Stump Cross Caverns in advance, and so they were expecting us.