Advice about Iceland?s lava tubes (again)


We (Me and family) are going to be to Iceland early next year (January to march) for a few days and would like to explore a lava tube. We will be staying in the Selfoss area. Ideally we would like to avoid hiring a guide and explore it ourselves (we all cave/climb).

Is there website/guide book etc that includes the lava tubes in that area? Failing that does anyone have any recommendations of good lava tubes in that area that will be accessible?

Thanks in advance.


There are lava tubes just off (about 5 metres) the road from Laugarvatn to Pingvellir. The road is part of the 'Golden Circle' tourist route used by coaches all year round so should be open. If not, you could park on the main road (365) and walk up, but only if the weather is good.
There are more tubes south of Reykjavik, south of the 417. These are more interesting, with some squeezes, and are about 100 metres from the road. I have accessed both of these, in March, from a 52 seat coach trip, and cars were able to get there as well.


Although snow will limit road access, the Icelandic roads authority will clear main roads fairly quickly after any snowfall - keep an eye on for more information. Any mountain roads (numbered with an 'F' at the start) will be technically closed, so even if they look clear and drivable your hire car insurance won't cover you if you drive on them. Hire a 4x4 (and I think its safe to assume that any car will come with studded tyres to help with driving on ice or compacted snow). There are caves close to the roads (as mentioned by phizz4) that you can walk to - both from the 365 between Laugarvatn and Pingvellir and the 417 which heads up towards the Blafjoll ski area. Note that in January you'll only have limited hours of daylight.


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rhychydwr1 said:
There is a national caving magazine...

Busiy translating the contents page of No 5

SURTUR (5)  1994.
Ingi ?skarsson
An unprecedented insecurity in the mountaineer's lips by Fr?st J?nsson  33
Ufsi and Klakahellir [cave]7
List of Icelandic lava caves by Bj?rn Finnsson  10
A? s?na hella [cave] by  Julius Gu?mundsson and Gu?mundur L?ve  17
Caves found in Kristj?nsdolum by  Sigur?ur Sveinn J?nsson  19
Mapping point by Sigur?ur Sveinn J?nsson 24
Siglinutaekni [cave]  by Bj?rn Finnsson  33
About naming the caves and phenomena of the reign by Bj?rn Finnsson  37
V?snaJj?ttur [poem] 38
Association of Materials
In Icelandic  SB ?1.00

SUTUR  (7) 1999  62 pp colour photos on nearly every page.  50/50 Icelandic and English.  SB ?1.00