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When there is any sort of show in my collectors hobby we get a great report with loads of photos in our forums. I did not go to HE because of family commitments but would welcome a report with the photos and a round up on the lectures. Somehow I dont think that will happen as oddly cavers are not like that and getting even caving images here seems a strugglle for many. OK so prove me wrong !

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Descent magazine normally has excellent coverage of the BCA Conference, with lots of photos. (y)

Pitlamp, please get the details correct

Quote from the HE website

Hidden Earth is the name for the British Cave Research Association’s (BCRA’s) annual caving conference.”

Next you will be saying “Gaping Ghyll” 😂😂

(Sorry, couldn’t resist 👍)

cap n chris

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I think it's fabulous that HE took place and imagine that it was very welcome all round by participants/attendees and fingers crossed it was a great weekend all round - like OR I wasn't attending (digging for me, lots achieved); and I imagine there will be feedback, photos, plaudits, high points, memorable anecdotes etc. in due course once people get home, recuperate their energy and put fingers to keyboards! I'd be particularly interested to hear what featured in the Mendip Round Up by UnkyDunky, for example. :) Well done to all concerned and I'll try to make the next one (unless I'm still digging, lol).


I'd be particularly interested to hear what featured in the Mendip Round Up by UnkyDunky, for example. :)
We were treated to a tour of Mendip digs, starting in the east, working across the north flank of Mendip to the western tip, before swinging around and covering the central and southern areas. The tour finished at Wookey Hole, where arguably the most exciting developments have occurred since the last event.

Other highlights included the recent(ish) discoveries in Wigmore/Home Close, Tom Harisson's typically entertaining video of progress at Stainsby's Shaft, and (in my biased opinion) a detailed update on progress at Rickford Rising, including my 8 year old pressing the big red button.

Too many other digs to mention them all, but Duncan gave a good overview of each, including history, progress and prospects, with photos and surveys displayed where these were provided to him.

I very much enjoyed the presentation.


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Comments on local FB group which didn't know about event (nothing negative):
"I was kept in the dark about this…"
"their activities rarely see the light of day"
"never heard of them, must be an underground group"
"Saw lots of people in Gordano school when I drove past at 10.30, I wondered what the occasion was. Obviously it was a well attended conference.


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Then why not here ?
Yes indeed, it is strange that people prefer Facebook to post about caving on. I noticed in one of the HE photographs the banner above the bar which read something like, "Bar, run by cavers, for cavers". HE itself, 'run by cavers for cavers'. This forum is run by cavers for cavers too, but it seems folk would rather post on a media run by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, who doesn't give a stuff about cavers.

We couldn't attend HE this year as due the late announcement we had already booked and paid for a short holiday on the same weekend. At past HEs we've run competitions and sponsored the SRT races to the tune of thousands of pounds. Facebook never gave HE anything, I reckon. Only uses your data to make itself rich, I guess. Doesn't sound so attractive to me.

Oh well, we'll keep trying to support caving anyway - I guess.



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Yes, but we also don't all join the same caving club (some of us don't join any!); & it's not so much they prefer it for caving, as they often post the rest of their lives there as well, which (to an extent) will be seen by whoever they decide should see it...

The main kayaking forum from 10 years ago is almost moribund nowadays.


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Some of those who have posted on Facebook may not be members on here.
Others who are in here may not have taken pics, I unfortunately was extremely busy and did not take any pics.
I guess for now, unless someone on here has pics, we will have to wait for decent magazine.


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I only use Facebook if there's no dedicated Forum. I find it quicker and easier to use several bookmarked forum websites than wade through whatever Facebook's algorithm is trying to feed me, or hide from me.

The main kayaking forum from 10 years ago is almost moribund nowadays.

UKRGB? If so, is your username be similar to here?