Anyone know what this one is....??


Was driving up the hill out of Ingleton a couple of weeks ago and spotted somebody lifting up an 'interesting' lid thing so stopped by today to see what there was in store....a covered 'pipe' leading down into caverns unknown!! So does anybody know whats down there?? (We were on a mission to other objectives so chose not to explore this one...)

It looks as if it's about 6m deep (guessing cos it's dark down there...) but then what?? It's only just out of Ingleton heading up Chapel-le-Dale on the down-dipping beds of limestone and about 10m off the road!! - well before Skirwith Cave and not in Northern Caves.....I'm sooooo curious....


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Sounds very much like Bean Pot aka The Lost Caverns in NC2. Bean is on right opposite houses with blue pipe, last time I was passing it had a sign, scaffold pole and metal grid acting as the 'lid' :uhoh:

It was reopened about a year or so back by imps and has been extended slightly but not much. Pitch drops into reasonable sized passage then it gets wet unless its been a very dry spell.. And it backs up a fair bit in flood.