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Saturday night under Mendip


Thanks for sharing Judi.

So that's the final chapter in the story, which saw Judi, Andy and I back down the well until late on Friday night, collecting water samples directly from the water source.

We also pulled out several bags of junk from the bottom of the well while we were down there (pictured above).

I think Andy kept the spanner as a souvenir, and we're hoping nobody cleared up the rest of it by chucking it back down the well over the weekend!  :LOL:
On a similar topic. Back in the 60's a construction firm had quoted for a job to reline a metal pipe that ran horizontally right through a local reservoir dam. On trying to push through a replacement pipe they came across an obstruction. A club member was asked if he could help and two members crawled through and found iron reinforcing hoops every so often.
The lads said they could grind them out, so they asked me to take some photographs.
  Funnily enough the firm never mentioned anything about H & S !!

  Any other cavers been asked to do non caving jobs?

Edit  Photos did not attach. Will try again


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darkdescender said:
  Any other cavers been asked to do non caving jobs?

Inspecting/clearing blockages in Kiln and furnace flues. Removing undersize grinding media from inside a ball mill. Clearing culverts. Fixing a wiring problem inside a confined ceiling space.

I'm sure there have been more but that's what comes to mind at the moment.


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Mark Wright said:
Back in the early 80?s the TSG did a similar exercise for a mining company in Derbyshire. I can?t remember the name of it but it was on the right between Calver and Bakewell at the Calver end of the road.

Chris Rhodes and I descended a similar sized shaft to recover a load of wriggly tin that had been thrown down the water pumping shaft and damaged the pumping hoses.

In return the mining company gave us access to explore another more interesting shaft on their land.

Missed this when it was first posted...
That would be the Red Rake pumping shaft, inside the now-collapsed wriggly tin shed close to the Newburgh Level, I'm guessing? It was owned by the Bleaklow Mining Company (IIRC) in the early 1970s, when they gifted the old pump to PDMHS and it was taken away to Crich though I don't know who owned the site a decade later. The shaft drops onto a branch level of Brightside Sough, which runs from Brightside Mine to a tail near Calver Village Hall.


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I've got photos of George Fletcher with the pump, but it's diverting a bit from the originl topic - i can dig them out later if anyone wants to see them? I thin they're from 1977.