Aquamole Pot entrance


Following reports of a loose anchor on the entrance rebelay, it has been replaced with a scaffold bar which should provide a better hang. The sling is provided to aid getting out of the entrance.



ianball11 said:
Is that the side furthest away from the spike and bolt?

Anyway nice work! Why didn't you just re bolt it?

The spike and bolt are to the right of the picture. We could not re-use the hole as it (the hole) had been too damaged in the removal of the "loose" anchor (even "loose" anchors are a pain to remove) and we also felt that the rebelay was not in the best place anyway, and that a straight hang from a scaff bar would be the better option.


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Thanks Glenn.  I did wonder why there was only one bolt not two at that rebelay, thought it must be due to being only a short pitch.

Great trip though, awesome last pitch, shame it's a bit of a shaft bomb if you don't poke around higher up than the floor.  And an actually interesting looking sump rather than looking like a black pool of death.

Must have felt a great find when the divers popped through and what a job to climb it after diving to get there!