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Ashbourne Shrovetide Football next week.............

Mrs Trellis

Well-known member
....Feb 13th & 14th. 2pm to 10pm. This village "mob" football gave rise to both Rugby & Association Football and is still played in a few places usually at Shrovetide or Easter.

We moved to Ashbourne last year and are looking forward to our first experience of Royal Shrovetide Football tomorrow 😀 I rather suspect it will be a boozy affair as the car will remain at home, out of harm’s way.

Boy Engineer

Active member
It’s certainly an experience. If you spot a Little Brewing hat above a beard do say hello. Absolutely loved your book.

Mrs Trellis

Well-known member
Stop Press.........the results are in ..........

Tuesday Up'ards scored at 9:30pm
Wednesday Up'ards scored at 8:11pm ending the game in a 2-0 victory for the Up'ards - yaaaaaay.:cool: