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Bakers Pit - Plymouth Extensions


New member
Hi all

Ive been having a bit of an explore in Bakers recently and have now managed to find and explore most of the areas on the old 1966 survey.  I have heard however that there is other stuff not on here, most importantly the Plymouth Extensions.  Could anyone give me directions as to where in the cave  the start is so I can have a bit of a look.

Whilst down with a small group having a bit of a look we also stumbled across another way out of the cave. 

Does anyone know about any more up to date surveys or recommend any other places to have an explore as the only places I have left to find are the crawl and rift series and 'the drain'. 

Im new to the forum and relatively new to caving and so really appreciate any advice and information.

Thanks :)

Les W

Active member
Plymouth extensions are up a narrow rift, just above the waterfall in the side passage off of Judge's Chamber.  (y)

Fat blokes needn't  bother...  :-\


If you get to the small waterfall with the pearls you have gone too far, when your coming from the dutch oven direction then its a passage on the left of judges chamber.

I found it a bit funny coming down from the PCG on my first visit, that may of just been me getting into a funny position though. Take it easy on your way out.


New member
A very pretty extension and adds on almost another half to the cave you have already explored, its an arse to get into if your bigger or not happy with squeezes, as previously described get to the judge and turn left climb up the small waterfall and its two metres in front of you in a narrow fissure the trick is to get your right foot high as possible the is a foothold woth a small cairn in this is the best starting position with your right foot, take care when coming down as Joe already said, best way to come down is turn and face the opposite wall from the one you faced when climbing up but careful you dont fall put too quickly as you will hurt yourself, its also worth bearing in mind its quite complex up there but very pretty. The DSS survey completed is actually on three sheets of a3 to show each level of maze like passages


New member
Ps im.buckfastleigh based and happy to join you on a trip into bakers at some point too or you could come to a DSS meet


Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the new Baker Pit Survey from? As I would like to have one in the Orpheus Caving Club Libaray