BCA 2024 AGM


Re the Agendas and Minutes since Feb 2023, they were all circulated via the BCA Council List, the CNCC rep will have received them, he certainly hasn't reported not getting them.
I'm not sure that just circulating the minutes via the BCA council list is good enough. I had often wondered on the role of the "Individual Member Representative" on the BCA Council, and it hadn't occurred to me that their role was to disseminate information from the BCA council to the individual members of the BCA. No wonder there are so few volunteers for that post. If only there was somewhere online that the BCA could post this information so that any members who were interested in what the BCA council is doing on their behalf could find and read about it.


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I'm pleased to see (possibly thanks to some gentle nudging) that all of the missing minutes including the 2023 AGM and six 2023 Council Meetings (and also a March 2024 Council Meeting) are now uploaded on the BCA website.

Thank you Allan, better late than never :)

Looking forward to seeing a more meaty version of the 2024 AGM agenda (including the proposals and applicants with statements) appearing in the same location very soon. The deadline for BCA to receive proposals and application was actually 10th March, so the information has been with them for several weeks (including when the current minimalistic agenda was published on the BCA newsfeed).

Hopefully an updated and more meaty agenda document will be published very soon.