BCRA Monthly Cave Science Webinars

Andy Farrant

Active member
The BCRA is currently running a monthly series of cave science webinars on Zoom, held on the first Monday of the month (except bank holidays). The next one is on Monday 4th December at 19:30 GMT by Claire Ansberque (Stockholm University) on ‘The past, present and future use of stalagmites in Geosciences.’

"Stalagmites are not only beautiful features emblematic of caves, but they are also remarkably useful for advancing knowledge in Geosciences. In this talk, I will present how stalagmites have thus far shed lights on past Earth climate and environments as well as on the behaviour of our ancient relatives. I will also talk about the new research avenues opening up with the development of genetic analyses directly applied on stalagmites; these analyses have huge potential for better understanding the interactions between climate, ecosystems and diseases: a genuine concern in a warming Earth."

Joining instructions are at https://bcra.org.uk/seminars2023.html.

This is followed on Monday 8th January by a talk by Mike Simms on Caves, Dinosaurs and the Carnian Pluvial Episode and on Monday 5th February by Gabriella Koltai on Tracking alpine cave glaciations: cryogenic cave carbonates from the Eastern and Southern Alps.

So bring a beverage, sit back and learn something new about caves from the comfort of your own home!