BCRA webinars on Zoom

Andy Farrant

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The new series of BCRA online webinars starts tonight with a talk by Prof. Andy Baker on 'Caves as Observatories of Groundwater Recharge' at 7.30pm. For more info and instructions how to join, see https://bcra.org.uk/seminars2023.html

This is followed by other talks on the first (or second) Monday of the month, details of which will be posted on the BCRA website

Monday 2nd October Airflow and microbial mediation of aragonite precipitation in cave environments, with examples from Wind Cave, USA
George Breley gjb55@zips.uakron.edu (University of Akron, USA)

Monday 6th November What is the water doing in the mountain? Research in caves on water storage and flow characteristics in Austria.
Eva Kaminsky evaflorina.kaminsky@yahoo.de (Vienna Natural History Museum/Vienna University for Bodenkultur)

Monday 4th December: The past, present and future use of stalagmites in Geosciences
Claire Ansberque claire.ansberque@geo.su.se (University of Stockholm)

Monday 8th January Caves, Dinosaurs and the Carnian Pluvial Episode
Mike Simms Michael.Simms@nationalmuseumsni.org