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Breakthrough on the PSM - Aniallara


Active member
Last august members of the interclub expedition lead by SC Avalon forced their way through the 30-year old massive boulder choke of Pozo Ezstella and discovered 900 m new galleries.

More news at


Dagobert (SC Avalon)


Active member
Thanx paul

And the best news is that at the end of this month a mini expidtion will go over there for one week to try to push it further to the river. We can already here ther river but a narrow passege has to be enlarged first.

Hopefully we can pass it and walk to the AN8 :D



Active member
The one-week mini expedition is back. For the results see


Sc Avalon

Now we have to wait 10 months :(

Mr Fell

New member
Fantastic effort - sounds like some thrilling adventures to come.Hope the injured leader is better.


Awsome photos too, good effort whoever was behind the lens. Photography of this quality is rare on a pushing expedition.


Active member
The results of the 2006 expedition can be found here


Currently only in dutch.

In a nutshell :
- 1 km topo
- depth ==> -707
- river almost reached

From 9 to 17 september 2006 a mini-expedition will be held to find the river  :)


Dagobert (SC Avalon)


Active member
The september expe is back and they found the river Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!

http://www.scavalon.be/avalonnl/psm/anial2006sept.htm  (only in dutch)

Next year it will be a thrilling expedition. The connection with the AN8 is nearing, less then 1 km to go. In 2004 it was still more then 2 km.

Dagobert (SC Avalon)



Whoo that's serious exploration there guys a big well done to all involved.


Active member
In november a third expedition took place.

Report : http://www.scavalon.be/avalonuk/psm/anial2006Nov.htm

The balance since the breaktrhough is now 5km of new galleries and they stopped on "nothing"

At the mean time the exploration team of the AN8 (Rodez club) has also found a new cave (an26) in between the AN8 and the Aniallara system. There is still approx. 120 - 150m between the AN26 and Aniallara. It's is very possible that terranaf gallery can be linked with this new cave.

So 2007 will be a very exiting year on the PSM.

Dagobert (SC Avalon)