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Burren access issues?


Active member
In a few weeks, a Kendal CC group will be travelling to the Burren to visit some of the classic caves. I've had a look at the SUI website and no access restrictions are mentioned for any of the caves we're likely to visit. I just wanted to check here if anyone knows of any issues (related to access or otherwise) that we should be aware of. Caves of interest (weather permitting) include: Doolin River Cave, Poulnagollum - Poulelva, Faunarooska, Cullauns (maybe 2 & 5), Coolagh River Cave, Poll Balliny, Fergus River Cave. In particular, I'm sure I heard something about access issues at Poulelva - is there still an issue there, has it been resolved, or did I imagine it?


New member
I appreciate this is 6 months after your query here on UK caving.com but I thought I would share my experiences for you and others who might end up at this thread. Claire and I visited the Burren region back in July 2023 and I have written it up on the clubs blog site here. We visited 3 of the smaller systems and had no issue with access for those systems. I would recommend you reaching out to Pat, he was amazing helpful.