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Buxton Water dam in Peak Cavern


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Please be aware that Glyn Roberts and I have recently placed, on behalf of John Gunn, bungs in the outlet pipes built into the Buxton Water dam.
These are for a flow measurement project so:-

1: please do not touch or remove them (if you do notice that one is missing, please advize me via the Peak Keyholder email address - peakbookings@hotmail.co.uk - thanks in advance)

2: please don't think that just because the water is over-topping the dam there is/was a flood event as even in low water it will now over-top so can no longer be considered a safe indicator - rely on the forecasts, stream depth marker post and the "magic" step amongst others.

Remember, if in doubt - STAY OUT!


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what's the sampling frequency?
When i lay down in the sump on Saturday i could hear the wave running over the top of the dam.