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Can you help me identify this ladder?


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I’m trying to identify a cable ladder that was given to me, probably at or after the 2009 UIS Congress in the USA. I believe that it came from the UK. The ladder has “HWCPC” stamped on each rung. A quick internet search for “HWCPC” found the old Happy Wanderers Cave and Pothole Club, and I believe that this is one of the ladders that they made. Four of their former members agree that they never stamped anything on their ladders, but one suggested that John Ogden (a member who died in the Mossdale tragedy 1967) may have stamped the ladders.

If you can identify who made this ladder or know who gave it to me, please send me a message (gdstorrick@comcast.net).

If you were the one who gave me this ladder, Thank you!

Gary Storrick


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Ian Ball

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