caves in south sea islands

Mr Dinwiddy

Appropriate for this time of year - a daydream about numerous caves on a warm south sea island. Blue seas and white limestones.

Its not a film about caving but there is some caving 16 minutes in and an amazing view of the karst and caves at 20 minutes. And a couple of seconds of cave diving at 25 minutes.

Its all quite lightweight but as I said its the sort of place to dream of when the days are short and the weather filthy.


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I have trundled right past it without stopping. I think it was dark.....

The much bigger version of this is Niue, east of the Tonga Trench - known as ?The Rock?. Solid lump of coral raised several hundred feet out of the sea and about 10-15 miles across. Lots of caves in the interior and plenty of karst features all over. The sea is crystal clear because there is no surface runoff from the island, it is all subsurface. You can thus see straight down for like 100m on a sunny day. Lots of canyons you can dive or snorkel filled with (amongst other things) thousands of sea snakes unique to Niue swimming up and down. Probably the nicest place I have been for diving - you can just jump in from the rocks. Beats Sipidan (no machine guns). Very laid back. Also went swimming with humpback whale off the south of the island that was cruising by.

This is the Kings Swimming Pool (something like that), a freshwater resurgence into the sea. Lots of digging potential if you are insane enough to bother.

You can fly from NZ when they let people back in.


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