Caving Activity Badge


bagpuss said:
Presuming the ladder pitch rigging is more for the Explorer award?  She's only 11 so would be doing the standard Scout badge.  If she did get to the ladder rigging stage our club very much still uses them,  I  personally can't afford or justify buying SRT kit for the type of caving I do.

Yes ladder pitch is for the Explorer badge.
I will post up links to the badges later when I am not on my phone. Unless someone beats me to it.


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your wish is my command PaulW

Original requrements for the badges are still posted here.

I'm undecided about whether to ignore this dumbed down version or call it Stage 2. I have always felt that the Badges should be a staged badge.  The Scout Badge being stage 1 & Explorer Scout bage being stage 2, giving the Explorer Scout chance to get something he can wear right away & allowing the Scout to start the second stage before being an Explorer.

Perhaps we now have a 3 stage badge!