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Caving Snacks


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Flapjack for me, for the reasons Pitlamp sets out above, plus it tastes nice! Supplemented by a filled bread roll on longer trips, for variety and extra flavour. Also, an isotonic drink, to hydrate, regulate blood sugar levels and replace lost salts. Gone over to these as I've got older. When I was younger, I seemed to be able to do even long trips on virtually nothing!

I never put any of these or in fact, anything at all, in my oversuit pocket though as that just leads to the pocket wearing through quickly. I think the pocket is the most worn part of my current oversuit, even though nothing ever goes in there! Everything's always carried in a tub, in a tacklesack.

And always eat over something to catch any crumbs, an open tub or a food wrapper, so that dropped food doesn't interfere with the cave ecosystem and produce unsightly mold.