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CHECC '19 Comp. Entry Thread: BEC Advertisement


BEC Advertisement - Hut Nights @ The Belfry

Write a letting agent style advertisement for the Belfry..! Be kind guys ;)

Post your entries below!


New member
The Belfry - Wells Rd, Wells BA5 3AU

Shared accommodation available for as many as you can fit on a bunk UltraMegaSuperKing Alpine bed. ?7.50per night or ?5 for students or free if you keep getting free nights by winning CHECC competitions.

Strong social life available with exceptionally "hard socialising" and amenable residents including home made cider, an actual bar and bangin' sound system with a volume dial that keeps going far after the speakers have given up all hope. Unique multi tier dance floor and exterior shipping container/strippers podium. Inferno of a stove allows maximal wetsock warming and gentle cooking of those nearby unless they slowly rotate. Exceptionally well appointed kitchen and napable sofas. Notable social events over the year including bonfire (Risk Assessment Pending, attend at own risk)

Conveniently located with all major amenities (Two Pubs) in walking distance. Wi-Fi complimentary, Mobile reception non existent, download map before you travel. Caving amenities include one of the best drying rooms in the biz, excellent hose down area and spin dryer. Shame there aren't any caves in Mendip.

(Benedict Claxton Stevens, NUCC)