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CHECC '19 Comp. Entry Thread: How would you spend ?75 to help your club?


How would you spend ?75 to help your club? - Sponsored by BCA


Write a proposal on how you would spend ?75 to help your club.
Does someone need a Midas test or have you got any particularly worn oversuits that need replacing?
The winner will then get the money to help put it into action!

Post your entries below!


New member
I know that DUSA (Durham University Speleological Association) would like to buy more head lights and battery units to replace some of the older units and also use for back up purposes on trips underground. This would allow them to safely continue to take groups on trips and provide more opportunities for local outdoor SRT practice on these dark winter afternoons and early evenings. I know this from overhearing a conversation about this only yesterday evening at a session, so ?75 to help towards this would be fantastic....thanks.


New member

Our club hasn't had the best of luck. In March we lost a whole tackle sack containing rope, metal work and a haulage kit at Alum pot.
We also recently had two headlights stolen outside of a cave in Mendip!  We also have many large oversuits with gaping holes in them! This year our budget is extremeley low, having been halved the year before and now our budget is even less this year. Due to our expensive wall (?54p/h) we are spending all of our budget on a training wall for SRT (we don't want to get rid of it) and as a result it leaves us in a tight situation to replace any kit we need.

We would spend the ?75 replacing missing kit! Especially our tackle sacks as all but one has a huge hole in it and our precious lost metal.


Ada Myers

New member
Why Adventure and expo society at Plymouth university need help with funding

With a club of over 140 members we usually have a 10% interest in caving (the rest wishing to climb, boulder and walk) and run trips 4 times a year, however this year caving intake has risen hugely and those that never considered caving are loving their time underground! We have already run six trips and at least 30% of the club going underground regularly.  We are therefore struggling to accommodate for all the keen beginners with only 13 under and over suits (most with rips and being 3 times too big for the newcomers).

It would also be great for the club to purchase some guide books, as despite the club owning seven climbing books we only have one for the cavers (Mendips) making exploring new caves difficult.

Our SRT kit is also in an appalling state. Previously we were donated kit however this means we now have six left handed ascenders but only one croll. As a result, out of the various items we probably have 1 decent working (and almost up to date) set, again restricting which caves we can explore.

Lastly the club is in desperate need of ropes with two being retired this year due to a frayed outer sheath and cut center cord making many of our usual routes unsafe and inaccessible.

In conclusion, although the ?75 will not cover all our hopes and dreams, it would definitely get us on the way to opening up the world of caving to the wider community within the club. 


New member
Hello We are Birmingham students caving club (Bscc), a club for all students in the Birmingham area and anyone else who wants to cave with us. We are a relatively new club, having been started by Ben Auton 2 years ago, we have about 6 active members and we regularly take freshers away on their first weekend trips. In the coming year we are hoping to take more people underground as our club grows.

It is our overarching goal to allow new comers and veterans alike to experience the wonders (and thrills) of caving and underground exploration. We don't have much in the way of club gear, while we have some tackle we lack outersuits and inners, having only one club outer and no club innersuits, therefore With ?75 we would buy a additional secondhand inners and outers, if we could find a good price hopefully more than one. With any left over money we would purchase another secondhand petal pixa 2 or 3 headlight.


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