CHECC Grand Prize


New member
Lancaster University Speleological Society are incredibly grateful and amazed to have won the CHECC Grand Prize!

This fabulous prize will help us so much to get folk underground.

Since the re-establishment of the club last year, we have received an incredible amount of support from so many people. The generosity and enthusiasm of the caving community continues to leave me awestruck. It is impossible to fully express how much we appreciate everything that has been done in support of LUSS. We've received advice, training, equipment and encouragement from countless people. The existence of LUSS is primarily due to the generosity of others.

Thank you so much to all the sponsors of the prize (Myfenix, Peli UK, BUFF, Warmbac, SpanSet Ltd, Petzl)

Special thanks to UK Caving, CHECC - Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs, British Caving Association, and all the universities for giving us their points and particularly Nottingham Uni who kindly loaned the SRT kits they won last year!

We're all looking forward to CHECC and Northern CHECC next year.

We will continue to drag people in to the bowels of the earth and hook them on the dark, damp fun that we all love so much.