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CHECC: Links to COVID and returning to caving advice


Hi all,
In light of changes in guidance by many national governments within the UK and Ireland, CHECC have put together this list of advice and resources from national and local caving bodies for each nation of the UK and Ireland for student cavers. Hopefully will be of some help :)

BCA?s statement: https://british-caving.org.uk/covid-roadmap-update/ - This gives a full breakdown of what the guidelines ahead will mean for cavers in England.
CNCC (Yorkshire Dales): https://cncc.org.uk/covid-19/
DCA (Derbyshire): https://thedca.org.uk/news
CSCC (Mendip): https://cscc.org.uk/.../2021_03_28_coronavirus_recovery...
Devon and Cornwall Underground Council: https://dcuc.org.uk/

Scottish 'Stay at home' restrictions will be superseded by a 'Stay Local' order on April 2nd: https://www.gov.scot/news/stay-local-from-2-april/
CNCC: https://cncc.org.uk/covid-19/ -  it may be sometime before most of us will be visiting the Highlands again... 

You?re not allowed to enter Wales from England and vice versa. Travel within Wales is allowed.
The 'Rule of 6' returned to Wales on 27th March. https://gov.wales/coronavirus
CCC: http://www.cambriancavingcouncil.org.uk/corona%20virus.html
OFD Accses: https://www.swcc.org.uk/joomla-swcc/covid-19-information - access returns for local permit holders
For access to other caves (Daren, Aggy, Craig a Ffynnon, DYO etc): No concrete info; refer to CCC guidelines above.This might be of help http://www.cambriancavingcouncil.org.uk/restricted...

Quite a different story in the Republic with the local 5km travel limit set to stay in place until at least 12th April and possibly longer. A county-wide travel limit may be imposed from mid-April, but that will still mean no caving for the majority of students based in cities like Dublin and Limerick.
SUI (National Caving Body): https://www.caving.ie/sui-policies-and.../covid-19-guidance/ Not updated since 2020.

Northern Ireland Rules:

NI set to update rules on April 1st (could also be a nasty April Fools joke):
"Groups of 10 from two different households can meet and exercise outdoors? ?Golf and other outdoor sporting activites can resume?

Jacob(CHECC Secretary)