Conservation Grading and the online guide


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What are peoples thoughts about incorporating some sort of grading into the online guide work being done in Derbyshire. Myself and Jon have volunteered to do Gautries. Would it be worth grading (what classification or scale?)?


While on the topic of conservation and the need to educate / inform abour conservation: on a trip down the Gaping Ghyll system yesterday via Bar Pot, we found the route to the Main Chamber marked with cyalumes (those bendy tube things that give off a flourescent light). There was no one else in the system (at least via Bar Pot) and since they were glowing weakly they were presumably left the day before.

We collected them for disposal on our way out.

It may be debatable that if a party needed such markers to find their way back then they shouldn't be there - but at least the buggers could have picked them up themselves (including wrappers)!


Its that kind of thing that drives me nuts. Wrappers too!!! :eek:ut:

As for grading then yes - why not. Im sure Johnny will have some ideas on the grading of stuff. his first suggested method was

a - Low sensitivity
Robust system that can withstand all but deliberate destruction.
b - Moderate sensitivity
Possibility of damage to elements of the system.
Cavers must have a basic knowledge of conservation issues
c - High sensitivity
Elements of the system can be damaged easily. Cavers must have a good knowledge of conservation issues. Cavers should assess the need to use this section of the system and not do so unless there is good reason.
Precautions must be taken to limit impact
x - Extremely Sensitive A section of cave/mine that will be damaged irrevocably.
Complete avoidance of the area should be observed.
u - Unclassified
A section of cave or mine that has not yet been assessed
Cavers using unclassified sights must assess each part of the system visited and apply the above criteria.

It looks like that after the DCA AGM - I've got some homework to do in the form of the re-writting of the Caves of the Peak District Guide. Holy Crap. :crucified:

Hmm - titan for the cover do you think. :D