if anyone is interested a lecture on corona virus

not sure if that works but otherwise search you tube for
catching up on coronavirus by Hazel Barton, hosted by the NSS


Mike Hopley

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I'm part way through, and it's absolutely fascinating.

This person really knows her stuff, and presents extremely well.
I've just skimmed it (haven't had time to do more) but what I've seen is very good. There's still an awful lot we don't understand about Covid syndromes but I think we'll have a much better idea of what causes the most devastating forms of the disease in the next few weeks and will then be much better placed to offer more targeted support. The biggest difficulty right now (apart from treating large numbers of patients) is trying to keep up with all the scientific papers....


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And don't forget that to attain validity, papers must be peer reviewed and experiments repeated...


To get totally confused read this cartoon