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Cost of Caving Crisis


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Save on club fees, join the Eldon

Have a look at the cost of ex army dehydrated rations and tell me it’s still a cost saver 😅
MRE rations are ready to eat and taste good, don't have to be heated, but you could pack several around your body for insulation then eat when your body heat has warmed them.


Staff member
Whether it's £400 for an SRT kit, £100 for a tank of fuel, or a £4 post caving pint, it's affecting all of us!

So, even at the risk of comfort, convenience or pleasure, please share your tips and tricks on how you're trying to make it a little bit more affordable.
By offering 200m rope as a prize to the lucky winner's favourite CHECC club 😁 It all helps....



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Walk or bike rather than taking the bus. £4:50 yesterday for a single which was no longer than ten minute journey.


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If I had a bike there's no way I'd cycle 20 miles with a rucksack and kitbag on it, especially with the 400+m up-and-down climbs I'd have to do. I'm at 87m AOD and Fox House is something like 380m and that's only halfway there. And then go caving?

SYPT are currently subsidising South Yorkshire bus fares to keep them to a maximum of £2 within the district, so I can get to Castleton for £2 from Sheffield at the moment, which is almost like the old days. As always, despite being in Derbyshire, Castleton is mysteriously exempt from most SY bus regulations, as a 'South Yorkshire Saver' ticket also permits use to Castleton. But not to Bakewell, Buxton, Matlock etc. Very strange, but there you go.