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WIN 200m rope for your favourite CHECC Club in the UKC 'Thank You Competition'!


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WIN 200m rope for your favourite CHECC Club in the

UKC 'Thank You Competition'!

SUPER BLUE copy.jpg

(note, rope might not be this colour!)

CHECC have been FANTASTIC in supporting the forum this year and as a thank you, UKC are offering a prize of 200m shiny new rope to a CHECC Club!!

To enter, post a photograph on this thread capturing your time at CHECC 2022. Some accompanying copy wouldn't harm. Anyone who attends CHECC 2022 can enter, just let us know which CHECC Club you would like the rope to go to!

Winner to be chosen by Badlad & Pegasus (likes etc will be taken into account).

Closing date 10pm, Sunday 11th December.

Once again, thank you, CHECC - We've especially loved the meme competition! (y)(y)(y)

Good luck everyone!!


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10 happy cavers in hunters lodge in sink, with some first timers and some trainee leaders. Everyone came out beaming! (I doubt it'll win but if it does, split between Reading and Southampton 100m each) - Josh H


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I collected the rope yesterday. SpanSet very kindly gave us 210m rather than the 200m we bought, so no need to worry about shrinkage 😀

SpanSet also gave us a Gotcha Rescue kit bag to carry the Superblue in - thank you!!




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The kitchen team put in a great shift over the weekend. Someone, who is currently unknown, drew faces on all the garlic, we had a good laugh while making the nearly 100 litres of chilli! Ben Snowball - ULSA


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