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CotPD index


Active member
For those of you who don't know I've finished the index for the CotPD
DCA have a copy of the PDF and I think are putting it on their website.
I printed some out and left them with Hitch'n'Hike as well.

thanks to Stuart for proof reading

Jenny P

Active member
Anyone who orders a CoPD direct from DCA (or buys one from me for cash!) will automatically be sent/given a printed copy of the index as well.

Many thanks to Tim for a great job in producing it.

Jenny P.
DCA Secretary


Well-known member
Jenny - does that include folks who pre-ordered and have now received their copies of the book?

Jenny P

Active member
If you already have a copy of CoPD and want a printed copy of the index, then please send me an A5 s.a.e. (usual DCA address, as for the original orders) and I'll send you one.

Alternatively, PM me and I'll email you a pdf you can print out yourself to give an A5 booklet on 3 sheets of A4.

Jenny P