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Covid Update


Following Mr Johnsons announcement on Sunday you may be considering returning to Caving in the peak district from Wednesday.

As a Rescue team we feel it is not our our place to tell you what you can or can not do, instead we need to let you make an informed decision so here is the current state of play.

As a volunteer rescue team we are suffering the effects of Covid-19.

We have a reduced number of team members available for any call out due to members who are shielding, caring for vulnerable family members, essential NHS personnel and other personal reason's.

If we are called to an incident we may respond with a reduced amount of team members in order to maintain resilience to respond to other incidents should any period of self isolating become necessary, as such, for anything that is not life threatening, it will take longer for any evacuation, and even longer for our team members to clean and disinfect the equipment ready for the next call out.

It is a possibility that you may contract the virus from one of our volunteers just as much as they might catch it from you.

Our income has almost disappeared this year too, we rely almost 100% on donations so attending a shout and replacing any  equipment after a rescue, would not be ideal.

Please consider the additional risks to yourself and our team members before you venture underground.

We are still open for business.
We will still turn out.

Stay Safe