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rhychydwr1 said:
THE CONCISE CAVES OF DEVON by A D Oldham, J E A Oldham and J Smart. 1986 revised January 1991,  ii + 62pp + [2] + [1] pp supplements,  40 surveys, 7 maps, 5 photos, with summaries in English, French and German.  The long out of print "Limestones and Caves of Devon" was criticized as being too verbose and of little interest to the sporting caver.  This present volume attempts to overcome these failings by omitting both references and all caves which are filled in or quarried away.  This new revised edition is both 1/3 the price and 1/2 number of pages than its predecessor, even so over 270 caves are described, many with surveys.  Essential reading for anyone considering caving in Devon.  SB  long out of print and highly sought after.
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Just reprinted.  Photocopy with DVD bringing it up to date.  PM for a price.  It is more than my life worth to advertise on here.

There is a copy for sale on fleabay: