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New member
Anyone know of any guides to caving in Croatia (southern area; Dalmatia) going for a holiday in a few weeks and wondering if there is anything good that you don't need tackle for/ even any good show caves worth seeing?



Active member
Have a look at:


Click Croatia in the right hand column.

Will pm you with the email of a local caver.


New member
Didn't take any gear in the end and we were always too close to the sea- I didn't see anything worth looking at from Split all the way down to Dubrovnik - I think most the thick chunks of limestone with oles' in are up near Vukovar (?) in the North East of the country.

On a separate note, If you are in the South and have a hire car, it's really interesting to go into Bosnia and the hills look quite impressive the further in you go- just don't wander off the beaten track in remote areas as they haven't cleared all the landmines yet..., Monenegro is also worth a look but the road there is quite busy in the summer.

Let us know if you do go caving there.


New member
I know you weren't based around this area Graham but in case Colin W is - i thought the cave of Manita Pec on way up to  Vidakov kuk was lovely.  There were quite a few formations and the lighting wasn't tacky like it is in some show caves.  It hasn't experienced mass tourism as it is a bit of a trek (but not massive - can't quite remember how far) to get there.  If you do carry on up to the summit a further 1-2 hours trek - the views are magnificent as the velebit mountain range can be seen as well as the sea and the islands.  It's in teh Zadar region so northish.