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Re: doing the trip at easter
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it really depends upon water levels a reccy trip in Coventosa as far as the turbina would establish if it was a sensible idea or not.




I know a number of people who did it a year or two ago at easter (I was going to but decided not to at the entrance - very glad of it too). It was an epic trip for them (40ish hrs). Note, if you are doing it as a pull through there are only 4 bolts at points in the entrance shaft to hang off, so group size could be an issue.

From what I remember the surveys were fairly tricky to understand for the horizontal sections. They used inflated tractor tyres on the lakes bought from a couple of local garages - very robust and can be used as a boat if tied around the middle (one person couldnt swim at the time).

I can give you contact details if you like. They have plenty of photos and am sure they will be willing to enlighten you on the experience.


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I was with the Eldon in Coventosa this year - Fantastic trip , the entrance is a innocent looking almost mined rift off the main path at the top of the mountain but leads to a shaft that is truly awesome. I was 3rd down and at the halfway stage a look up or down to see lights way way in the distance really puts into perspective the seriousness of the drop, particularly as the re-belays are on sheer rock. Pebbles (or watches!) knocked down the shaft literally whistle as they shoot past your ears.  I was surprised by the cold and wet nature of the entrance pitches - The cave that follows is warm, dry and fantastically diverse in nature and very beautiful.  We recced the entrance earlier in the week and dropped some cheap lilo's and a dinghy to the head of the lakes along with a food dump  - the lilo's were as good as useless against the razor sharp rock (there was some thin line across the lakes- usefull to pull on but at every corner you rub against the wall) and the water is energy sapping cold - Great fun in all - we surfaced some 18 hrs after entering. (y)