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Cwm Pot Cave

domestos bend

New member
Someone in UK Climbing has posted in a thread about Neil Moss a reference to an incident in 1983 when 3 students died in "Cwm Pot Cave" and their bodies were buried in a chamber on relatives request. I thought this was strange as I had never heard of this incident, but there was a link http://www.ogof.org.uk/cwm-pot-cave.html to Ogof Org UK including a slightly disturbing photo of the "graves". A bit of Googling showed that this was fake news, Cwm pot Cave doesnt exist and the incident only took place in a novel called The White Road, by Sarah Lotz which I have downloaded and started reading. I know after more googling that the author was taken down OFD by caver Keith. Very post-modern....

Caver Keith

Active member
This post from 2017 should provide some background.