Dachstein Expedition 2022


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The Dachstein caving expedition returns! The last expedition was in 2019, with Covid stopping both the 2020 and 2021 expeditions.

We have now set the exped fee for 2022 at £150 (£100 for students) and are taking now taking signups on this Google sheet (payment details on the sheet):

[Send PM for the link]

The Wiesberghaus is now charging €13/night (not included in your exped fee, includes €2 of Hallstatt city tax).

Due to lots of things getting more expensive (plus three years of inflation), a probably smaller number of people attending (increasing the price per person) and a need to buy quite a lot of kit this year, unfortunately the exped fee has had to increase quite a bit compared to 2019. However, we are not charging the daily food charge (previously €1.50 per day) and we are giving a student discount which keeps the student rate similar to last year (once the food charge is accounted for).

Since the exped is nearly upon us, there is no early payment discount but there is limited room in the Wiesberghaus and your place is not guaranteed until you pay. Plus if you don't pay we can't buy any equipment for you to use on the exped!

In terms of objectives we are putting a significant focus on prospecting this year, with at least one exped member dedicated to organizing the prospecting trips. Many caves which were historically snow-plugged may now be opening due to climate change, and at least some areas of the Alps had poor snow this year. This is a fantastic opportunity for cavers with limited expedition experience to find new vertical caves and learn to rig and survey them.

We will also be undertaking some re-rigging of WUG Pot prior to starting on a list of identified objectives there which will keep us going for several years (No 33 Passage, survey bottom of the 110 and the camp water pitch, Time Bandit, Forbidden Aven, Deeper Impact pitch, Showadiwadiland, Austrian Airspace etc).

Finally, while Covid has mostly settled down in the UK (for now) it is likely we will want everyone to take a lateral flow test either before they come to Austria or at least before they enter the hut. Obviously it will be a lot easier if you take one before you travel, because getting to Austria and then having to isolate will suck...