Dalesbridge Competition


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(y) Our thanks to JJ at The Dalesbridge Centre in The Yorkshire Dales for donating this generous prize (y)


The prize details are as follows:

Warmbac cordura oversuit, red/blue, size: XL and Warmbac PVC oversuit, yellow/blue, size: S

Warmbac wetsuit, purple/black, size: Chest 40" and blue/black, size: Chest 38"

Warmbac neofleece, purple/black, size: Chest 40"

The above are all new and have never been worn, retail value is ?400-?500.  The suits are surplus stock from when JJ ran a shop at Dalesbridge and will be an excellent addition to any Club or group of cavers' tackle store!!


Simply nominate, on this thread, which Caving Club or Group of Cavers you would like to see win - for example, The Dudley Caving Club, The Wessex Caving Club , The Preston Posse etc.

The winner will be chosen at random using random.org so the more nominations a particular club or group receive, the higher the chance of winning.  If you would like these fab suits for your group/club then please encourage your caving friends to vote!!

One entry per registered forum member.

The definition of 'Group' is loose - yes commercial caving instructors can enter, yes a 'Group' could be Tom, Dick and Sally.  It would be good if Tom, Dick and Sally wrote a short description of their group, maybe they would get more votes.  Indeed any Club or Group member could include a 'I vote for XXXX, because YYYYY'. 

Please give the full name of the Club or group you wish to nominate.

You don't have to be in the club/group to nominate it (I'm sure they won't mind!)

Closing date: 10pm, 7th May 2015 - we want to give cavers plenty of time to spread the word and encourage more votes entries!!

Badlad and Pegasus would like to thank JJ at Dalesbridge for his support of UKC, cavers and caving - thank you, Jon  :clap:




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Orpheus Caving Club.

I started caving on loaned gear with them about 2 and a half years ago. About a year ago I started cave diving with a loaned wetsuit from one of its members.

It's members have taught me to move through caves, took me on digs, introduced me to all sorts of cavers doing trips I wanted to do, taught me surveying, helped me with diving, helped carry diving gear numerous times and always tried to accommodate it's new member.

Why wouldn't I vote for Orpheus?