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Data Breach


Well-known member
Ive just tried to open UKcaving on my Iphone and got a warning to change my password, due to a data breach never had this happen before, Ive changed my log in details using my laptop. anything to be concerned about


Well-known member
Don?t worry, it?s a new ?feature? of iOS. It?s annoying, so I turned it off.

If you go to passwords in settings you will find them all under ?security recommendations?.

I think they are trying to encourage you to use the 15 character passwords they are so fond of. Which, given you can barely use them even when they are written down, means using Key Chain for everything.

I use two-step for anything involving money.


Well-known member
Try your email address here:

And while I would never normally suggest putting a password for one site into another site, try your (old) password here:

Never use the same password in different websites.


As Fjell has said, you pretty much need to be using a password manager like 1Password or Bitwarden these days, becusse you can't afford to reuse passwords on multiple sites, and who has a good enough memory to remember 100 unique passwords?


I am meticulous about my important passwords.

Other sites such as this one have to make do with one of my standard easy to guess passwords, I.just ignore the warning.

If I get hacked it will be immediately obvious by the implements in my posts.



Well-known member
I suspect it's password being sent over http rather than https, so it might be more of a forum bug than an actual attack.


The warning is raised by the browser in relation to your password having been previously associated with your email address on previous data breaches. Your browser regularly scans your saved passwords and compares them to password lists that have previously been exposed from other data breaches. If there is a match, you get the warning.

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