Dave Elliot


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This is sad news. Spent many happy hours underground with Dave. He had genuine encouragement for people and was good fun to be around. 
I carried bottles down Rowten a few times for him and every time we would take a different route as he experimented with rigging and how that could reduce some of the intrinsic risks. Also it was part of the movement away from the, "It's Bluewater, just throw it down the pitch" approach to SRT.
Dave told me he started caving by crawling into holes with his schoolmates using bike lamps. Was quite disdainful of people who said that you could only become a caver by joining a club or doing a course. Dave was someone who was prepared to be forthright, being both blunt and sharp at the same time! He will be missed.


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Sad news indeed. I also met Dave at 'Whernside Manor', when I attended one of the excellent courses on offer, way back in the 1980's! One day we stopped off at his house in Langcliffe. An old, attractive/characterful cottage, typical of the Yorkshire Dales on the outside. I got quite a surprise, when I went inside, as it was minimalist & modern. So, ahead of his time, not just in caving! I also own a number of his excellent publications. Firstly, SRT Rigging Guide - Yorkshire Dales: Dave Elliot & Dick Lawson (1987). Secondly, the full set (1-5) of the Caves of Northern Derbyshire (1975).


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Greg Jones said:
His tee shirt with the slogan "ladders are for lofts" still makes me chuckle.
A generous man, he lent us some information on the caves of Mallorca when we went there many years back. He was planning on writing a guide book to the island, and had compiled a lot of info. All he asked in return was that we let him know of any mistakes that we found.
A good man. RIP.

I particularly liked his T shirt slogan " I couldn't spell speleologist, now I are one"

I spent many a happy hour caving with Dave in the late seventies early eighties. RIP old mate


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I know I'm a bit late with this thread on Dave Elliot, but I would still like to say my piece. I used to work with Dave at 'Bouncy Bouncy' in the late 70s. He was a major influence on me and one of the few people I refer to in my memories as the years go by. He took me caving in the Peak as well as group leading midnight hikes. He encouraged my interest of outdoor activities. He always left a guest pass on the door for me at the students union in Manchester where he was on the door, and regularly took me to the youth club at Hattersley where he was a group leader (or more appropriately Bouncer), to get me mixing with different groups. He and Sue even drove me up to Ingleton so that I could get my first introduction to the Three Peaks, and then picked me up at teatime to take me back home. He acted as a character witness for me when I went astray and ended up in court. A considerate man, a hard man.

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You sound like an interesting character jolly good chap.

I think I might have a read of his srt book this afternoon, always a pleasure.