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Decent free hangs for SRT practice


New member
Anyone know any decent disused bridges / viaducts etc in Cornwall - ideally West area - to give a decent drop for srt practice ?



Active member
Wouldn't you then be doing SRT for real?

Practice should be done somewhere that is easily escapable or your group can self rescue from.


There is a disused quarry near my mates farm in central Cornwall with some pretty big equipment that we always thought would be fun for some SRT practice, but the landowner uses the site for clay pigeon shooting and doesn't take kindly to uninvited visitors!  :eek:


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I would suggest a harbour wall at low tide, next to a ladder. Protect the rope over the edge as needed.
All techniques can then be practiced in safety, and if you get hung up just climb the ladder.
Up/Down changeovers and rebelays, knot changes and simple self rescue techniques should all be familiar. With your basic kit practice losing / braeking a piece and having to improvise.
A few meters is all you need, once happy you can move to free hangs and or bigger drops


Well-known member
If you are OK with all other aspects and just want to build endurance and stamina, drop some deep shafts, just dont forget a bottom knot!  ;)


Go to a climbing wall. Rig a figure of 8 abseil device at the top of an overhanging climb. Have a belayer on the ground belaying a very long SRT rope up to the 8 and down to you. You prussic up as they let the rope out. Doesn't need much height at all and easily escapeable. You could use a beam in a barn or even hang the rope from the loft hatch.


New member
All you need is a tree...do the same as they said in the climbing wall. Pulley in tree, rope down to a rack or other belay/rappel device you can let rope out through, have a friend man the rope. Any trouble they can let you down instantly. Like here - you can do this setup anywhere. This particular one runs through anchor clamps in the high bay at a firehouse.


Mark Wright

Active member
And once you've mastered it you can enter the 30m SRT speed race at next years Hidden Earth. We've been doing it like that for the past 30 years.

I wouldn't use a Fig. 8 descender at the top though as if you're not very heavy it might not run very well and will soon wear it out. Just use a pulley at the top as Amy suggests.