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DistoX2 modified software

John S

Does anyone have a copy of the software that was written for the 'Poor Man's Laser Scanner' at cave3d.org.
The copies here no longer seen to exist.

I was after the continuous reading function that was available with this modification.


New member
both v.2.4c and v.2.5c are bundled in topodroid.

these firmwares are only for DistoX2 make by B. Heeb.
check hw/fw compatibility before uploading.



Active member
There are some fans of topodroid on here Marco! Thank you for all the hard work on it. The tbe examples and topodroid videos are amazing!


John S

Unfortunately both these sources only use the original software and not the modified software which gives a continuous reading option.
It would have been convenient for it to be included into Beets website.

Still looking for a source.