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Elbow pad recommendations


My warmbac neoprene ones are about dead.
Any suggestions for elbow pads as these were not that great or are they the best option?


If you are doing a lot of low crawling and using your elbows a lot, I'm yet to find anything better than the Warmbac warmtex elbow pads, though I have always found the non-adjustable to be better. There is some stretch in the strap, so they are more comfortable than the adjustable type, which have a Velcro strap that doesn't stretch. I also think this stretch helps extend the life of the pad, which in my experience tend to fail on the straps before wearing through. They also can't come undone and fall off. The only issue I could see would be if you had particularly small/large arms, though I expect that you could special order some made to measure if you ask Kermit nicely.

My info may be out of date, but I know Warmbac were recently struggling with delivery of the warmtex material (and perhaps neoprene more generally), so you may struggle to find any in stock at the minute.

For less crawly caving, where the elbow pad's main purpose is to protect your oversuit from wearing through, my preference is to use the cut off legs from worn-out long wetsocks. These can be pulled up over the elbow and provide a good degree of protection to the elbow and forearm, but obviously offer less protection than a proper elbow pad. As they wear out, you can just rotate them around to put a less-holey bit on the elbow, so they give a pretty good life, at least doubling the original life of the wetsock.


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I have warmbac Kevlar  none adjustable also the knee pads, the knee pads are amazing always have them on !! have never been able to use the elbow pads as my arms are to big and they cut in very badly  :cry: but the material is very very good the knee pads are like brand new and had lots of use


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I particularly like the adjustable Velcro strapped pads sold by Beaver. (Not sure if they still do them but easy to find out.) I like the ability to slacken them, on rope, when prussiking big pitches and they seem to stay in the right place fairly well when crawling.