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Eldon Hole - Pull Through Cord Damaged


New member
Dropped down Eldon tonight and unfortunately the pull through cord was in a heap on the floor with the Maillons undone on the bolts above it. All reported to DCA, but if anyone is planning a trip in the near future then you may wish to put it on hold.
BM :)


Well-known member
It's all a bit odd, but we'll try to get to the bottom of it. I'm assuming someone's had a snag, over-pulled and ripped it out. Though I don't know why they'd need to undo the maillons.
Possibly they undid the maillons so they could move the pullthrough cords away from the wall to look up them to see what the snag was, then decided to just get a few people on the end and pull harder.
I'm sure they will tell us.


Active member
We are delighted to report that the Eldon Hole pull-up route is back open again. Nigel Berry, Larry Fatcat, Neil Muir & Jon Fowler from the Peak Caving Club completed the climb yesterday using some of Larry's 25-year old original anchors and new stainless anchors and sash cord funded by DCA. Thanks very much to the team for opening this route back up.
DCA are open to ideas about how to future proof this pitch, whether that is new top anchors, fixed rigging, or placing a line of anchors to allow the climb to be done faster and safer in future. Do get in touch with any suggestions.
Pete K, DCA Projects Officer.