EuroSpeleo 2016 - pre and post congress camps


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To allow visitors the opportunity to visit caves in other parts of England and Wales caving camps have been arranged to take place during the weeks before and after the congress. Whichever camp you choose and whichever area you visit you can be sure of great caves and great hospitality - as well as great beer.

More will be added once they are confirmed and booking will be open online soon.

Full details:

Please direct any questions directly to Robin Weare; the pre/post events coordinator -

Please share the link on Facebook. Thanks.
Sounds good. Don't suppose that, akin to the planned access to the Dales caves, something similar might be done for diving access in these other places (Wookey and Peak maybe), i.e. access for non-CDG divers?

Probably not but thought I'd ask!

Edit: Sorry - just seen the point about emailing direct.