Excellent article on Thai rescue

David Rose

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My colleague Nick Craven wrote this piece in the Mail on Sunday.

It's pretty good:



I have read dozens and agree this is good. I never thought I would say that about a Daily Mail piece!


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It is helped by the jounalist actually being able to talk to the divers themselves. Makes it all clearer. I must say having been strapped in a stretcher but  just in a swimming pool with a Kirby Morgan on it is frightening. The CDG were trialling this rescue technique when I joined the CDG  in 1980. The first cave trial also ended in a near disaster but valuable lessons were learnt although this, as far as I am aware, is the first time the technique has been used in a genuine rescue situation.  At the time of the pool trial  I felt complete loss of control. You have to have great trust in your rescuers.  They did a superb job in just about the worse conditions to conduct such a rescue.  I think the Mendip contingent might have had an advantage as some of the sumps here replicate those conditions plus they are, of course, cold!


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More on the Thai Rescue

In the latest issue of Soldier [magazine] August 2018 pp 22-23 LCpl Connor Roe (REME) writes ?It was going to take a miracle to get them out?