Exploring with Fighters - a warning to all mine explorers, cavers and URBEXers

Pete K

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Kirkymole said:
They weren't the ones that got Box welded up. That happened quite a bit prior to EWF making an entrance on the scene.
Noted. 2nd hand info anyway.


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EWF con their way into places by getting someone with proper kit and 'credetials' of some sort to get the keys and then the baseball caps come out. I have had them at Cwmystwyth wherby a farmer friend was conned in this way. "Click bait" yes, "We could have been killed", "This was really dangerous" etc, my understanding. of term. "Sensationialist or alarmist title heading designedv to draw people in so as to maximise advertising income" - as good a definition if you want one as any.


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Forgot this bit. They actually went into an MOD building because there was no one to stop them and videoed what was inside, including a "Top Secret" plan on the wall. Probably a plan of the lavatories. They need to grow up.


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I make Youtube videos too! My channel is not specifically about Mine Exploration but it does feature from time to time.

Unfortunately I think YT done badly does contribute towards loss of access, deterioration in relationships with landowners or at the very least a loss of unrestricted open access. Over dramatisation, under preparedness and unnecessary risk taking doesn't serve the community well. Landowners and the public either get the impression we are lunatics risking our own lives and the lives of potential rescuers and landowners who may not venture underground themselves get scared of potential liabilities. Several of the "we barely made it out alive" videos are of places I have photos of my daughter when she was 8 or 9 happily wandering around with a flask of hot chocolate :ROFLMAO:

However there is a danger in over cautiousness, as a former handgun shooter and owner I recall how easy it was for a ban to be introduced following a tragic incident as most of the general public already thought it was illegal and had never seen any depiction of the positive side of the sport. YT videos that show good responsible adventurous explanation, the historical interest and general wonder and spectacular nature of mines rather than just the bravado of the explorers are a positive thing in my opinion as the more folk who gain an appreciation and interest of historic underground remains the better.

I haven't seen all of the EWF videos by any means (are they even still about?) they may perhaps have made some along better lines than the ones I've seen.


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Are these the guys who went into a certain death trap mine near - actually I don't even want to put it down. Let's say North Derbyshire...?


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Those and some others.
EWF missed their cue though now Christmas has passed. They could have got all blackshod etc and then done Santas Grotto, "We really should not have been in here"


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They seem to have gone back to more urban exploring - mines may be too samey for them / their fans!


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Let's be honest, posting on social media dedicated exploring sites is all about ego really, nothing more, nothing less. We should do what we can to encourage explorers to join caving clubs where they can learn the correct etiquate and show respect to all the people who have spent years negotiating with land owners.


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Please see my thread on this topic a few days ago. I contacted the person who had visited our mine dig and he removed the video immediately plus a couple of others after I pointed out it could screw up access. As Pitlamp said one should first attempt to engage with these inviduals or at least post a comment on their Youtube page pointing out the issues which is what have done with another person who posted.


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To be clear, I was not condoning their actions (I've not watched their videos, but the thumbnail and descriptions say enough! ) more speculating on the motive. Are they trying to justify their own existence and self-worth through getting "likes" on the Internet, or is it a financial motive. I think the latter.

I'd be very sure that they enjoy what they do and it's probably their life passion, just as caving is for many of us.

So urbexers don't like them and their viewers think that safe sites are dangerous, so who will be following them underground?

They claim on their Facebook page never to disclose locations and suggest 28DL do. No idea of the truth in this. They also claim to respect the sites and not damage or graffiti them. Again, I've not watched their videos, so can't comment.

If they are just acting like twats as that's what the Internet wants to watch, is that a problem in itself?

Publicising sensitive sites and jeopardising access for others is definitely not good, but if what they say is true and they don't disclose locations is there any evidence that they are actually causing a problem?

If they put themselves or others at risk (including the people who need to rescue them) this is also not good, but if they are visiting accessible safe sites, is it really a problem?

Again, I should stress that I'm not condoning irresponsible behaviour underground, just trying to get some perspective on how much of a problem this group really are.

Maybe these guys are a real risk to themselves, to the local rescue teams and to our continued access to sites and we have genuine concerns. My immediate reaction is definitely "yes", these guys seem like total bell-ends and I have no intention of watching their videos and increasing their view count. But on reflection, maybe we just don't like them because they don't fit into our social grouping, are having more fun than us and making money at the same time, so we jump to the above conclusions to justify our own position. I don't pretend to know which it is!

I should add that I've just been on a management/leadership development course at work and we have been encouraged to ignore snap judgments and to challenge our preconceptions.
Very well-balanced and insightful comment, thanks Pete. I think there maybe some truth to both sides of it


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It's depressing that this thread started 4 years ago and E_W_F are still out there and a problem.

I enjoy well researched and discretely made YouTube videos (including ttxela2). That certainly doesn't include E_W_F
Great that we have this warning thread, but there's also a downside that we're even giving them the oxygen of publicity by having it with their initials, that might get picked up by Google search


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I wonder if there are other hobbies and interests that have similar concerns :unsure:

I know there is a bit of unease in the car/motorcycle world about some channels behaviour on public roads, there's certainly been some contoversy among 'vanlife' channels over people showing good free overnight spots that subsequently become popular and end up with parking restrictions.