Gavel Pot Bats


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There were two beautiful bats in Gavel Pot today, in the chamber at the base of the second pitch, above the walled climb. It was nice to see them. One was flying around and the other was shuffling about on its roost. Hopefully we didn't disturb them too much.


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About this time of year, give or take a bit depending on weather and latitude that UK bats will start thinking about hibernating, give it a few more weeks and they'll be snoozing. Just be careful not to disturb them.

Maybe I'm overly paranoid but I don't take photos of them or mention them on forums! for fear of being labelled a bat botherer. "recklessly disturbing a bat at roost" in England and Wales can get you a £5k fine + £5k per bat if more than one. Realistically you have to be starting fires or setting off fireworks at them or something deservingly stupid to get that fine, but best not temp fate though.


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It’s swarming season, where bats head to underground sites to mate. Particularly Myotis species, with Natterer’s swarming well into October. Did you notice if the had white ‘belly’ hair, in contrast to their brown backs? They’ll be quite active for a while yet.


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This one was to the right of the 2nd pitch rebelay today. We definitely did not bother it as only one of us even noticed it.


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Looks like it might be a Daubenton’s bat. They’re starting to settle into hibernation now the weather has turned colder.