GB Cavern (Nr Shipham, Mendips)



My first proper cave with Axbridge Caving Group, I'v been exploring mines and quarrys for meny years now and have started to visit the odd cave now and then.

We parked up in some farm and wandered accross a couple of fields to a sunken overgrown mini-vally. At the bottom was a brick entrance hut, down we went, though a small metal rimmed hole. Triangular passages leading down a few 5ft then 20ft climb downs, A very tight (for me) hole to wiggle though then finally. In the HUGE Caverns with the stream (which had been on the surface) running though the middle. Large and plenty of formations, these caverns were 100ft high and ran for a quater of a mile. The idea of the trip was a first proper cave with the group for me and a photo trip so we stopped a lot to get the flash and camera out. A little loop, a stone natrual bridge over the river, a ledge to shuffle accross (dont look down) then back up the climbs, tiny hole etc. 3 hours we spent underground and I got a couple of nice shots, not perfect though. You can see the pictures here on my website;