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Goatchurch time trials


I know plenty of people must have raced from entrance to entrance in Goatchurch (often in deliberately sub-optimal equipment eg birthday suit/ no light), another regular race track must be the Drainpipe, but is there a record of the fastest times anywhere?

We saw Andy Sparrow down there today, who's best time for the drainpipe, there and back, was (many years ago) 38 seconds. My 7 year old managed it in 36 seconds, but he does have an obvious advantage in terms of size!


Has anyone managed a sub-30 second drainpipe? And what are your best times for entrance to entrance (with or without appropriate kit)?

cap n chris

Well-known member
IIRC a Cambridge Uni student (I think) - female - did a one way scuttle in 9 seconds. I don't recall her name but do remember her being (a) lovely (b) tiny and (c) very very intelligent. And she's a caver.


Well-known member
I did the Cwm Dwr crawl from the entrance to Cwm Dwr Jama in about 6 minutes once. That could definitely be beaten.
Not that I would encourage that sort of thing in general, of course.


My 7 year old managed it in 36 seconds,

I don't recall doing a time-trial on the Drainpipe in the last couple of years, but this morning, the same son (now 9) was determined to set a new personal best time.

Under the strictest conditions and independently verified by Burt and a stag group he'd taken down, he managed a time of exactly 36 seconds again!

cap n chris

Well-known member
FYI the fast circuit was the first of three back to back, total time being 3hrs and 1m. Surface to surface x 3. Suitably motivated, Kev Sp8 did four circuits back to back to trounce my pathetic effort but I don't recall his time.