GPF Expedition Science Weekend 28th-29th March 2020


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28-29TH MARCH 2020


The Ghar Parau Foundation are please to announce that (in conjunction with BCRA), GPF are running an expedition science weekend to encourage expeditions to undertake a more scientific approach to their expeditions and help further the knowledge about speleology for both the general public and the expedition participants themselves.

The weekend will consist of a number of lectures and practical on various scientific aspects. The programme is near finalised and currently included topics such as:-

"Hydrology on caving expeditions". - John Gunn
"Basic cave geology and geomorphology for expeditions" - Andrew Farrant
"Hypogenic caves and their formation" - John Dale
"Basic Bat Identification" - Jess
"Bones in Caves and their identification" - Andrew Chamberlain
"Scientific cave surveying and documentation" - Madphil Rowsell

It is also planned to have a practical workshop on the Cave Link systems that many of the UK expeditions are now using.

The weekend is planned for the weekend of the 28th March to 29th March at the TSG in Derbyshire which has been booked by GPF for the whole weekend

To attend the weekend is FREE, however food and TSG Hut fees are the responsibility of the participants.  To help planning and ensure participants are serious about attending, we are trying a novel approach of asking for a ?10 DEPOSIT to secure a place on the event that is refundable on attendance (or forfeited on a no show to GPF ;-))  GPF's aim is not to make money from this event but encourage expeditions to partake in more science!!

More information can be found on the GPF website ( about the weekend, how to register and how contact GPF for those with any questions.

I really encourage people to attend this weekend and learn some interesting scientific things that expedition caves can do on their expeditions .

Hope to see you there.

The Ghar Parau Secretary


Registrations for this event are coming in, if you are interested in attending or finding out more information check out the website.

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Expeditions 2020

Anyone thinking on going on expedition this year, we would really encourage people to attend this weekend. The weekend is designed to give all participants a taster in a number of science related subjects that cavers can do on when on expedition. The future plan is then to run a number of specialised workshops in partnership with BCRA, covering particular subjects in more detail.

The weekend is free, we just ask you put a deposit down to say you are actually coming to help us plan the weekend and know numbers of attendees (If you come you get your deposit back other wise it goes to the GPF fund)  ;)

Further information go to the Ghar Parau Foundation Website ;- and follow the links from there.

Please make the effort to attend and not miss this really useful event.

The Ghar Parau Secretary.

:D :DFinally a reminder that expedition applications for the Spring 2020 round need to be in at the end of February, less than two weeks away. Please don't leave it to the last minute!!!!! :D :D


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