• Overground/underground - a caving archaeology project in the Yorkshire Dales

    1st June 2-4pm at Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes.

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HE 2019 lecture submission now open!


I'd like to introduce myself as the new Hidden Earth lecture secretary, taking over from Emma who has done an excellent job for several years.

Sorry, there is no date for 2019 yet, however you can submit your lecture, film or workshop online now. Topics include new and old exploration from the UK and overseas as well as workshops covering cave science, research, technology and photography. We wouldn't have an event if we didn't have lots of exciting lectures so we encourage all cavers to submit a talk, film or workshop.

Talks don't event have to be serious, feel free to submit tongue-in-cheek or comedy ones too!  :LOL:

You can submit online any time from now until around a week before the conference (however it helps if it's not right at the last minuite). You can also go back and edit your submission any time.

Submit online now: https://hidden.earth/lectures

Never done a talk before? No problem, we encourage new faces and we'll help all we can. It's always great to see students taking part and presenting to the community.

Got questions? You can email me at lectures@hidden.earth