Hello Everybody

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Hello everyone
As you may have heard I have had serious mental health issues which have caused me to end up behind bars. Nobody can blame me more for what I did than myself, even though I still cant remember lots of it. I am slowly recovering but it is a long journey, and I am still not in a good place.
I hope the community on here will be tolerant of me and not to critical - I have plenty of that in my head already
Thank you for taking the time to read this


Its a brave step having the courage to post on here again.

I wish you all the best as you travel the road to recovery. I think caving with good friends sounds like a positive way to support yourself and be supported by others.


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Mark said:

You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion, but one does wonder whether you understand quite what has been going on here. I cannot speak for all who have posted on this thread, but I do know that many of us were well aware of these events. I, for one am also the owner of two dogs whom I love dearly.

Some things require compassion rather than just censure. You may find that you, too, need it one day.

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I hope you get the support to get you back to normal, and I suspect you might already be well on the way by coming here and speaking up. There is a world of difference between condoning an action and forgiving the person who does it. Mark perhaps you might think about how unhelpful your post is. I hope you have a bright future, Ditzy - well done for coming here.


For having the courage to post on here again you have my admiration Ditzy. Keep going on the road to recovery, and have as good a Christmas as you can. Take heart from the fact that most of the posts here have been messages of support.


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What if physical illness was treated the way we treat mental illness?

Mark, thanks for pointing out how the Daily Wail likes to generate hate and villification, you will note that forgiveness was not asked for in the OP, but tolerance was hoped for :(
We have lost many so called "friends" as a part of this, including being expelled from her former club.


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I've no idea what's behind this, nor what has happened in the past and I don't think I know the people involved although do remember a fairly odd thread a few months ago that got locked that may have been related.

Looking at the article and assuming Ditzy is the person it refers to - and I've no idea if this is true - it strikes me announcing your comeback on here wasn't a particularly sensible move, but there you go.

Given that this seems to have sod all to do with caving is it possible to lock his thread as well so that we can all move on and it doesn't keep cropping up every time I login?


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Having occasionally suffered from the 'Black Dog' myself, I'm very grateful to those that stuck with me in the difficult times.

It is now a case of trusting that Ditzy is being honest: if she is, she deserves support.

Brains makes a very good point. 'Pulling yourself together', 'getting over it' is desperately difficult and sometimes nigh on impossible.

Bottlebank's idea is probably for the best.

Peter Burgess

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Yes - I agree - but for only one reason. To stop those who have little understanding of the issue from posting hurtful and inappropriate opinions. I would welcome Ditzy simply taking part in the forum as just another member, and being welcomed as such.