Hidden Earth 2015 - bookings now open

Apologies for the long delay, but Hidden Earth online advance bookings are now open... probably.  :confused:  The booking form seems, mostly, to be working now. Some points to note...
  • Booking in advance saves you a modest amount of money and it also saves you from a long queue at the check-in desk.
  • Certain items - like the conference dinner and club stands - can only be booked in advance.
  • The Booking Form can be used up to a week before the event.
  • If you wish to book a club stand, we need to know as soon as possible (and almost certainly by 7 September). If you cannot complete the booking form now, please contact the Bookings Manager to let us know your needs.
  • There is no paper booking form; and please do not send us "unsolicited" cheques! If you want to pay by cheque, please complete and submit this online form, selecting the "pay by cheque" option, and then follow the instructions.
I realise its a bit frustrating to keep visiting the web site only to read another message about a delay, but... that's just the way the world is, Im afraid. Dont forget, youre probably in for even more frustration, because the form is still a bit iffy, and its not going to work well on phones.

If anyone's interested... the form could have been much earlier but, at the last moment, I found that it wouldnt work in IE or Firefox (I use Chrome), which was a bit of a surprise, and has meant probably a further 30 hours of work. Its immensely frustrating that browser manufacturers seem to willfully avoid making their products compatible, and to do it at such a subtle level (and I mean really subtle). Anyway, I think its mostly working now.  I could, of course, have reverted to last year's form... and If I had known how long this was going to take me, I would have done so earlier, but completion was always just in sight... or not as it turned out.


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I am managing fine to book my tickets - but isn't there usually a child cost?  Neither will really get involved but have to come with us as have no childcare for the weekend.
I have now managed to get hold of a scan of the Hidden Earth T-shirt. Its on the web site and the booking form and HERE.

Apologies to those of you who were puzzled why the booking for did not appear to allow you to pay. This might have been due to the pedantic operation of Internet Explorer, and I think Ive solved it now. Although I suspect at least one person of simply not noticing the button he had to click. :(

There are still some quirks with the new form but Im not going to bother with them now.  I'll sort it out for next year. ... I mean 2017 ... I get a year off next year! And who knows, perhaps I can even retire?  :clap:

The booking form closes for Advance Bookings at 11pm on Saturday 19th September



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The image looks familiar.
I think it's a very good design.
But I'm very biased for various reasons.  :beer: